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About Janine

Muse means a source of inspiration for a creative artist. Janine Fourie (Truter) has a passion to help people to develop their full potential. She believes that everyone has the ability to become a muse.

She is a reverend who obtained her degrees, BTh and MDiv both cum laude. She has more than ten years of experience in the following fields: public speaking; pageantry and beauty. Janine served in the ministry as a full time reverend for 3 years. She specializes in the enhancement of social intelligence (SI) and emotional intelligence (EI).

musebyjanine about image

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Etiquette and poise

Good manners are a form of empathy. Improve your social skills to enhance your business and relationships. Body language, a good vocabulary and certain acts of kindness create a charming individual. Topics include: Everyday manners; social media etiquette; travel manners; communication; social life; life in the workplace (interviews and office) and wedding etiquette. Workshops, individual sessions and courses are available.

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Mentorship and finishing school

Improve your self-esteem and become a confident individual. Learn how to present yourself in front of a camera, in a public space and online. Walk, talk and dress like a lady. Highlight your best features with styling and beauty tips. Create a healthy lifestyle. Become comfortable in your own skin. Learn how to prepare for a special event and how to look your best with the correct colours and styles.

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Janine is an innovative speaker and has the ability to create new content for special events. Keynote speaker at the following events: Ladies mornings at the University of Pretoria; opening ceremonies at Agri SA at Time Square in Pretoria; events in collaboration with Finesse magazine.

Services include: Christening ceremonies; wedding ceremonies; wedding preparation for couples; counselling; couples counselling; sermons; individual mentorship sessions; judging at pageants and events.

Motivational topics include: Fearless and Fabulous / Vreesloos vrou • The sparkle effect / Die sprankel effek • Bloom where you are planted / Blom waar jy geplant is • Jy is pragtig • Verhoudings • Love your body / Wees lief vir jou lyf

Janine's books as author and co-author:

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